The Pogba Crisis

(Image by Ardfern, CC BY-SA 4.0, modified)

With a new generation of footballers, lots of traditional standards are disappearing. Ideals of loyalty and passion are slowly shrinking, and players have become obsessed with growing their individual brand. As this season has unfolded, I’ve found myself asking one question in particular: Has Paul Pogba become bigger than Manchester United itself?

I’ve asked some fans of Manchester United and surprisingly most of them agree that he has, in fact, become bigger than the club. 

I think its safe to assume that most of you reading this know who Paul Pogba is. Pogba  joined Juventus  on August 3, 2012 on a free transfer from Manchester United there he made his name in Italian football. And after 4 years at Juventus Pogba rejoined Manchester United for a staggering price of £89 million. 

Pogba seems to have been hot and cold this season, vanishing against most of the Top 10 teams and having played “well” as described by United fans against teams in the bottom half of the table. 

The Manchester United game vs Liverpool was definitely a wake up call for Pogba’s fans, Manchester United, and Pogba himself. After “dabbing” to give away a penalty, Pogba continued to mistime passes and lose the ball carelessly throughout the game. 

 During the game on the advertising screen Pogba’s new Twitter emoji was seen moving around the advertising boards with #POGBA at its side. This is clearly an attempt from Manchester United to try and recoup some of the money they spent on Pogba, while his name is still relevant. But it also represents something bigger – the fact that your club performances no longer dictate your publicity.

Bird, James. “The Curious Case of #Pogba Losing His Emoji Head.” ShortList Magazine. N.p., 16 Jan. 2017. Web. 23 Jan. 2017.

As you know, Pogba made his name is Italian football. Italian Football is best described as complete and utter garbage. I’ve recently watched Inter Milan vs Lazio on television and had a mate who went to the game – these were 2 “big teams” in Italy and the fixture was a rivalry game. The level and quality of football played was worse than the championship. In other words, Pogba made his name in a much weaker league. 

Although Pogba hasn’t been bad in all his performances, because he isn’t one of the best players on the field week-in-week-out questions are being asked about his price tag and the type of player he is. Only time will tell if he truly is more concerned about his public image than his club’s success.

Comment below whether or not you believe Pogba has become bigger than Manchester United!

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Author: Kieran

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