Why Ronaldo Should Return to United

In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world of football when he decided it was time to part ways with Manchester United. In June of 2009, Ronaldo was sold to Real Madrid for a world record £80 million pounds. This left United fans upset and disappointed but brought huge excitement to Madrid. Now, after 8 years, there have been some reports that he may make a departure from Real in the near future. In fact, The clubs former president has stated that he thinks Ronaldo is likely to finish his career in England.

If there is truth to this, where else would Ronaldo go other than his former club, Manchester United. It has been in the air for a while now but there is a possibility that it may happen when Ronaldo’s contract ends in 2018. He is only getting older, which will decrease his value, and may even make him somewhat affordable.

Ronaldo has experienced great success at his current club, Real Madrid // Photo by Jan Solo/ Flickr/Licensed by CC

So could Ronaldo go from Ballon D’ors, league titles, champions league titles, and glory in Madrid to the most competitive league in the world, the EPL? From his standpoint, while it may not make total sense now, looking towards the future it could be a smart move for him. Ronaldo has made it clear to the media that his legacy is very important to him. And while he’ll never outright admit it, the chance of being one of the best players in the world, if not the best, in multiple leagues would do his case for being one of the greatest footballers of all time a tremendous amount of good.

As for United, in my opinion Ronaldo coming back to Manchester would be great, not only because I am a fan, but because of the new excitement it would bring to the league. Not only would Ronaldo bring in fans from everywhere, he would bring some style and flair to the United and England, which you can never get enough of. And just imagine a potential front three of Greizmann, Zlatan, and Ronaldo.

For these reasons, I think Ronaldo returning to United would be a great move for both parties involved. As for Madrid, even though this would be a tough sale to make, there would be some positives to take. For one, Ronaldo is not the future anymore; this would give them a chance to test their young players and see if any of them would be fit to fill his boots. Also, even if they didn’t feel comfortable with any of their youth, Ronaldo’s departure would free up a large amount of money, which they could use to bring in a player for Eden Hazard. And while it may not be in the near future, I think that Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United should seriously consider joining forces once again.

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Image Citation: Photo by Ray Booyson / Via Flickr / Licensed by CC BY-2.0

Author: Ben

3 thoughts on “Why Ronaldo Should Return to United”

  1. As a United fan, I wouldn’t want Ronaldo back. I’d have had him back 2 years ago but not now. While we have an aging Zlatan up front, I wouldn’t want another player in his 30s up there. Ronaldo isn’t the same tricky winger he used to be when he dazzled the Premier League. With the likes of Rashford and Martial still maturing, another aging player will only stunt their growth.

    I also believe Ronaldo’s and Ibrahimovic’s egos will clash. They’re both the type of players that need to be number 1 at their club. They would also fill the same position. Like I said, Ronaldo isn’t a winger anymore, he’s an ultimate out-and-out goalscorer. We don’t really see his step-overs much because he’s focused on scoring. He’s adapted his game to play as a central striker. It’s too late for him now, I’m afraid.


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