Arguing With Referees: Fair or Foul?

Throughout the history of football, but especially in the EPL, managers and players have always shown disrespect towards the officials. Over every call, they get yelled at and cursed out. Not only is it disrespectful it makes it harder for the officials.

Recently there have been some cases of managers getting suspended due to their actions on the field. Two of these managers are Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. These two managers have shown huge amounts of disrespect to the officials but also their own club. They are bringing terrible attention to the club that is unnecessary especially during the stressful race for the title.

Both of these managers have been punished based on their actions and each of them earned themselves a seat in the stands. And earning themselves a seat in the stand has only negatively affected them as it will not allow them to be on the touchline instructing players. But what is the point of talking to the officials? It’s not like they will change the call and the only thing they will do is remove you from the pitch. Think about it, who does yelling at the officials really effect? The referees or the teams?

Another topic to discuss is player reactions to when a call doesn’t go their way. Players like Ander Herrera (who always complain after being whistled for a foul) act like they have never committed a foul in their entire career; which means instead, all the fouls called on them have been bad calls from the refs.

When a call didn’t go the players way, themselves and about half their team run over to the ref and pleaded their case, which was Chelsea’s signature move for a long time up until the new rules have been put in place about how you talk to a referee.

Personally, I’m very glad these rules have been put in place because it puts less on the referee’s mind before he blows that whistle for the next free kick. But it’s very disgraceful that these rules had to be put in in the first place. If you have ever watched Rugby, those men out there give it all they’ve got until the end of the game, rarely to never put in dirty challenges on each other (in a contact sport), and they never speak to the referees in an impolite manner. They walk up to the ref probably with blood and sweat running down their face, stand over the referee that is about 1/2 their height, place their hands behind their back, and listen to what the ref had to say about the challenge that just happened, the players don’t flip out either they just respond “yes ref” in a calm manner and voice what they have to say I’m a calm manner. Football needs to be this way.



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Arsène Wenger and the 4th Official 1” (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald // Via Flickr

Authors: Ben, Kieran

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