UCL OUTLOOK: Arsenal and Barcelona

This week has been a stunning week for the football world. In the Champions League, two teams have absolutely demolished other top tier teams. First, we start with Barcelona vs PSG. Barcelona is known to be a fantastic team and some would even say the best in the world… at least usually. They traveled to France to take on PSG in the round of 16 where it all starts to get interesting. Everyone including me expected a back and forth game with excitement and loads of goals. We did get loads of goals…just not from Barcelona. PSG came out with a fire that got them to a quick start with an 18th-minute goal by Ángel Di Maria. After that, it was all PSG for the rest of the match. The final score ended with a 4-0 win for the French side.

Next, we have Arsenal vs Bayern Munich, another game expected to be a close one with some goals. Again we did get goals but mostly from Bayern. Bayern jumped out to a very quick lead with a goal in only the 11th minute by Arjen Robben. Soon enough Alexis Sanchez equalized for Arsenal and it was looking like we were going to have a thriller. Wrong. From there on it was Bayern all the way home. A thumping second half performance saw Bayern score and score some more, with the final score ending up to be 5-1.

So what could these humiliations mean for Luis Enrique and Arsene Wenger? With both of these teams most likely getting knocked out of the Champions League, will there be a change at the manager position?

In my opinion, it looks like Arsenal will soon be looking at making a change in the manager spot. This would be the seventh straight year that Arsenal saw a Round of 16 exit, and although we earlier said that Arsene may have kept his job, I don’t think anyone saw this kind of thrashing coming. This loss may have been the reminder of Wenger’s failures in Europe that could push the club to sack him.

With all the reports of Koeman coming in to replace Enrique, it may surprise some that I think Barcelona will stick with their man. This is simply due to them winning last year, and having the possibility of repeating that. Real Madrid are an excellent club, and Sevilla are on the rise as well with Athletico chasing. If Enrique can rescue their league campaign, I think he may be able to earn himself another year. However, if they slip out of the title race, or even if they get humiliated at home in the 2nd leg, I think he could be on his way out. I think it is important for this one game to not weigh more than last season’s success.

To conclude, this week in the Champions League has put both Arsene Wenger and Luis Enrique on the hot seat. While it may surprise many, I think Luis Enrique can still save his job. Wenger, on the other hand, may see an end to his days at Arsenal very soon.

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Author: Ben

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