Twitter Reacts to Ranieri Sacking

What a wild two years it’s been for Claudio Ranieri – after joining Leicester City, he took a side pinned to be relegated to win the Premier League title, won FIFA Manager of the Year, has his side still alive in the Champion’s League knockout stage, and has now be sacked. Granted, he has been on the hot seat as his side is currently barely sitting above the relegation zone, but considering he was just given a vote of confidence from the board, he definitely deserved a chance to finish out this season, at the very least.

Many fans of the sport reacted to this shocker in the expected way, with outrage towards the club:







Many also decided to point out the fact that not enough blame was put on the players:




Yet still, some thought that the sacking was indeed justified:




Others simply decided to thank Claudio Ranieri for everything he did for the sport of football:






In the coming days, it will be interesting to see how the players react to this, as there are rumors circling that the players wanted Ranieri gone. Nobody from the club has spoken out on this publicly yet, but if it’s true it would be such a disgraceful move considering how much Ranieri defended his players even when they were invisible on the pitch. And while I think we all saw the possibility of this coming (myself included), I don’t think any of us anticipated the unexpected, untimely nature of their decision. One thing is for sure: Claudio Ranieri will never be forgotten by fans of Leicester or fans of football. He has made his mark on the sport and will forever hold a place in the hearts of neutrals everywhere.

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Author: Nik


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