The Issue with Goalkeepers

(By Clément Bucco-Lechat Under CC BY-SA 3.0, modified)

What is wrong with the modern day goalkeeper? Nowadays, goalkeepers don’t catch the ball as often as they should, and often make the wrong decisions on when or when not to come out to claim a cross/when defending a 1v1. This causes goals scored on your team which can cause hatred and disbelief in your ability from your team and more importantly your manager. The worst part is it’s so avoidable. Continue reading The Issue with Goalkeepers

Championship Promotion Predictions

With so much of the talk lately focusing on the Premier League’s captivating relegation battle, which could see reigning champions Leicester go down, the debate on who will replace them has been somewhat ignored. The top 2 teams in the Championship move up to the EPL, along with the winner of a playoff between the 3rd-6th finishers. The Loose Goose FC team decided to take a turn predicting who we think will be promoted this season.

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FIFA 17 TOTS Battle

Since we published our EPL team of the season predictions, there has been a lot of talk about who has the best one. This led me to decide to conduct an experiment in FIFA 17. Each members’ TOTS would play Real Madrid away at the Bernabeu against the same lineup, with no substitutions allowed. I didn’t play any of the games, opting to let the computers play each other. Since Premier League managers are included in FIFA, I transferred each player that was needed to Chelsea first for Conte, then Spurs for Pochettino, and then to Liverpool for Klopp, to make the simulation more accurate. It was time for us to find out what FIFA has to say about who has the best TOTS.

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Is the Magic of the FA Cup Real?

The FA Cup quite a remarkable competition. Having originated 146 years ago in 1871, it is one of the oldest domestic football competitions in the world. While it cannot compare to the glories of the Champions League or a Premier League title, the competition carries a certain aura to it that other competitions like the EFL Cup (Capital One Cup) cannot easily emulate. A special characteristic of the FA Cup is that any professional team in England within the top 10 divisions is eligible to enter. This leads to rare fixtures like non-league side Sutton United facing Champions League participants Arsenal, and Lincoln City prepping for a match against Premier League opposition Burnley. Inevitably, this can lead to ‘giant killings’- massive underdogs often taking down the toughest of opposition. Dubbed the “magic of the FA Cup”, it would not be an overstatement to say this ‘magic’ is what makes the competition truly special. Continue reading Is the Magic of the FA Cup Real?

Why Ronaldo Should Return to United

In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world of football when he decided it was time to part ways with Manchester United. In June of 2009, Ronaldo was sold to Real Madrid for a world record £80 million pounds. This left United fans upset and disappointed but brought huge excitement to Madrid. Now, after 8 years, there have been some reports that he may make a departure from Real in the near future. In fact, The clubs former president has stated that he thinks Ronaldo is likely to finish his career in England. Continue reading Why Ronaldo Should Return to United