FIFA Out to get Messi?

Recently Messi has been in the headlines over some controversie that happened over the international break. Clearly frustrated with the game, he got into a bit of an argument and had some choice words with the referee. And guess what that little outburst resulted in . . . a ban 4 matches.

Now whats wrong with that? Refs should be shown respect right? Yes that is 100% true, however, a 4 game match ban seems very harsh. Did FIFA truly believe they were making the correct call? Or is it because FIFA might be after him. Now this is not a full blown conspiracy theory – there could very well be a lot of truth to this. Now what could they have against Messi, arguably the best player in the world?

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Should Spurs Opt out of Wembley?

With Tottenham’s new 61,000 seat, $800 million dollar stadium on the way, the club is headed for a big and bright future, in more ways than one. The new stadium will lead to more revenue, and a potential deal to allow the NFL (American football) to host a couple games there is in the works. And while the economic side is looking good, so is the actual football. Spurs have one of the youngest starting lineups in the Premier League, and yet sit in 2nd place in the league. All of this is creating a lot of buzz around the club, and that was just fueled even more when the club recently found out they could play next season’s home fixtures at Wembley’s 90,000 seat-capacity stadium. And yet, Spurs remain indecisive about whether or not to play there. So, why is this? Continue reading Should Spurs Opt out of Wembley?

Possible Technologies to Aid Referees

There are 22 players on the field during a football match. Eleven on one side, and eleven on the other. However, there are 25 people who are involved in the match- the other three are referees, who are constantly criticized over the course of the game, regardless of what call they make. In the international friendly between France and Spain, a new revolutionary piece of technology to greatly strengthen the credibility of the referees’ decisions was introduced. A Video Assistant Referee(VAR) was put into effect, meaning decisions on the field would be replayed on a video by an assistant referee. The final decision ultimately came from the head referee, but call could be overturned with the introduction of this new technology. This proved to be quite useful in the friendly today, with two crucial decisions being overturned- a goal by Antoine Griezmann was overturned after a headed ball was deemed offside, and Gerardo Deulofeu’s goal was called offside before counting as a goal after the replay. The match ended 2-0 to Spain.

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The Story of West Brom

West Bromwich Albion. How well have they really done this season?

When you think of West Brom you think of, one of “those mid table teams” that everyone seems to forget halfway through the season. Especially because for the longest time now they’ve finished anywhere between 16th and 12th place in the league, establishing themselves as a boring mid table side under Tony Pulis. Even now, the Baggies continue to be one of the more underrated sides in the EPL, despite their consistent presence in the top half of the table of the season. So, how did West Brom flip the script this year? Continue reading The Story of West Brom

European World Cup Qualifier Predictions (Part 1)

With the World Cup still over a year away, the fun has already kicked off in the form of the European qualifiers. 9 groups of 6 teams each compete in a round robin style tournament, with each team playing the other 5 teams in their group twice. Once all 10 matches have been played, the top finisher from each group will advance to the World Cup. As for the runners up, the best 8 of the lot will go to a playoff, and four of them will claim a spot in Russia. In this article, we are going to predict 5 of the 9 groups. Stay tuned for next week, when we do groups F through I.

Group A:

1. France
2. Sweden
3. Netherlands
4. Bulgaria
5. Belarus

The Best “Football Boot XI’s”

As more and more years go by, soccer cleats/football boots are getting more and more advanced in terms of their tech specs. With so many different options to choose from, it can sometimes even be overwhelming for a player to pick one. Yet each professional player seems to have one line of cleats that’s their go-to – you won’t ever see them wearing anything else. In this article, I am going to rank the top 8 boots in the world, based on a fantasy-style “starting lineup” consisting of the best 11 players that wear that boot. The rules are simple: I can’t play players out of position (the only exceptions would be playing a versatile center back at left back, for example). So no, you will not be seeing Neymar in goal. Most of this information was taken from Football Boots DB.

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8. Puma evoPower


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The Dirtiness of Ireland-Wales

Today, Ireland squared off against Wales in the FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier. And while the game itself was a 0-0 draw, the headlines were really written by the harsh challenges laid throughout the game. Both sides had more than a few dirty challenges that ended up in some disciplinary action, and unfortunately, injury as well. Continue reading The Dirtiness of Ireland-Wales

The Best Chants in British Football

Football fans have a reputation for being extremely devoted to the game. Even when it’s not a rivalry game, fans hold back no emotions. Sometimes that’s shown in violent manners, from getting into fights to throwing things at players. However, sometimes it is displayed through collective chants, where all the fans sing a song in unison. It can be both beautiful and hilarious at times. Here are our top chants in British Football:

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Key International Fixture Predictions

With the international break now upon us, national teams are really going at it to secure their spot in the 2018 World Cup. At the same time, they have to work in youth players to keep their future looking bright. In this article, I am going to take a look at the most intriguing fixtures of March. Continue reading Key International Fixture Predictions

5 Bold Predictions for the Premier League

10 games remain for most teams in the Premier League, and yet so much remains up in the air. Chelsea look poised to win the title uncontested, but the Champions League race, the relegation battle, and so much more remains undecided. Here are my 5 bold predictions for the remainder of this Premier League season: Continue reading 5 Bold Predictions for the Premier League