EPL Matchweek 27 Preview

As the season is winding down in the late stages, every point counts. Can Spurs and City continue to put the pressure on Chelsea? Can Liverpool climb back into the top 4? Will United finally get out of 6th? In fact, Everton could even come within one point of the top 6. This week’s match ups are a huge part of the journey that the Premier League season is. Here are some of the top teams’ matchups for the week:

Chelsea @ West Ham
Tottenham V Everton
Man City @ Sunderland
Arsenal @ Liverpool
Man United V Bournemouth

All though all of these matches are important for the top 6 teams in the league, there are a few that stand out:

First we start with Arsenal @ Liverpool. Arsenal and Liverpool are neck and neck right now with Arsenal only ahead 1 point. All though both of these teams are quite some points back a late season run could happen as well as they are both fighting for a Champions League spot. Not only will a win give both teams a start towards the leaders, but it will also give them a huge confidence boost.

Prediction: Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal

Next up is Tottenham vs Everton. Tottenham are currently in 2nd place, sitting 10 points behind the league leaders Chelsea. Everton are in 7th place right now and are in the hunt for a champions league spot all though it is unlikely they will get it. This is a battle of two of the best strikers in the league, as Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane each sit atop the leaderboards with 17 goals apiece. Although Everton have some talent I just dont see them beating Tottenham.

Prediction- Tottenham 2-0 Everton

Now we have Man City @ Sunderland. City right now are currently in 3rd place, only 1 point behind Tottenham. City are a team filled with talent and they are looking to pick up some points on Tottenham this weekend. The weak side of Sunderland are out of luck this weekend as I see them taking a 3-0 loss and end up even deeper in the relegation zone.

Prediction: Sunderland 0-3 Manchester City

This week the league leaders Chelsea will be facing off against West Ham. Chelsea have had a very impressive season so far and they look to add on to it. This year they have only not won 6 times which shows their consistent dominance of the league. Although West Ham are currently in 9th place, I don’t see them beating Chelsea.

Prediction: Chelsea 2-0 West Ham

Lastly we have Manchester United V Bournemouth. United have been shakey all season but have been looking better lately. With players like Ibrahimovic scoring consistently they could make a run for a champion league spot. With Bournemouth slipping and currently in 14th place it looks like a win for United, although I think it will be a very close game

Prediction: Manchester United 2-1 Bournemouth

If these results happen here’s how the table would look:
1. Chelsea – 66 points
2. Spurs – 56 points
3. City – 55 points
4. Liverpool – 52 points
5. Manchester United – 51 points
6. Arsenal – 48 points

Vote above and let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Ben

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