Twitter Reacts to Liverpool-Arsenal

Liverpool-Arsenal was easily the most hyped up game of Gameweek 27 in the Premier League. A plethora of storylines surrounded this matchup – would Liverpool bounce back? Would Arsenal lose ground in the top 4 race? Is Klopp’s job in risk? Is Wenger’s job in risk? While many of these questions are still up in the air, what we do know is that Liverpool looked convincing, as they trumped 3-1 over the gunners, with goals from Firmino, Mane, and Wijnaldum. Here are the best twitter reactions to the game:

Many questioned the very interesting decision to leave Arsenal’s best player, Alexis Sanchez, out of their starting lineup:

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Others looked deeper into this emission from the lineup, and viewed it the last piece needed to send Sanchez away this summer:

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And while some viewed this as the end for Sanchez, many Arsenal fans brought back the seemingly ever-present #WengerOut:

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As for Liverpool, many fans believed this to finally be the return of their squad to 100%, which would provide the consistency they need to finish in the top 4:

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Many of the players, especially Adam Lallana, earned some really high praise as well. The only outcast would be Nathaniel Clyne:

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Author: Nik

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