Top 5 Most Injury Plagued Players (EPL)

With all the stars that the Premier League features, from Eden Hazard to Harry Kane, one can only imagine how many more there would be if not for the career stealer that is injury. When sidelined for months at a time with injuries, not only do players lose their fitness, but they also miss out on valuable time to improve. And, while they are recovering, they may even lose their starting spot to a backup that steps up and out-performs them. Here now, we are going to take a look at the EPL’s 5 most injury plagued players.

5. Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla hasn’t had many injuries in his Arsenal career – he’s only had 3. However, his injuries have been LOOOOONNNNNGGG. Currently sitting out from an ankle injury that has seen him sidelined for over 252 days, Cazorla also had Achilles and knee injuries, which kept him out nearly an entire season. If Cazorla keeps this up his Arsenal career is surely over.

4. Danny Welbeck

Danny Welbeck has had his entire career in the Premier League with Manchester United and Arsenal. He’s had 10 different injuries, with days on the sidelines ranging between 21 and 238 days. After appearing and scoring vs Liverpool in their 3-1 defeat at Anfield, Welbeck seems to be sidelined again with some sort of wound. Welbeck will never be able to cement a place for himself in Arsenal’s XI if he keeps with his long-term injuries.

3. Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany is one of those weird ones where he continues to play well after long-term injuries. Every year for the past few seasons, there is normally a stat that comes out. After around 15 games, Manchester City had 6 games played with Kompany and conceded around 0.5 goals per match. In the games played without Kompany due to injury, City conceded around 1.5 goals per match.

But now Kompany is back, and on the bench. Due to his long-term injuries, he can’t make his way back into the City defense (he must be doing bad in training or something), which features Stones and Otamendi. This is a pretty weak duo, so something definitely has to be up for Kompany not to be getting playing time.  Kompany is only 30, and you could see him getting back into the back line of City as they could progress in the Champions League and in the FA Cup.

2. Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll has the same season every season. Injured long term at the beginning of the season. Returns around January scores a goal or 2, Gets injured until Late March-Mid April, Returns to score a hattrick against a team like Arsenal, gets called the savior and England’s best striker by West Ham fans (not all, some are logical), and then gets injured again. (Repeat). There’s just something about Carroll where he has the potential to be great, and he scores when needed, but he’s always injured.

1. Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge always seems to be injured, and months at a time too. Sturridge has suffered over 11 different types of injuries in his Liverpool career, and they average to around 40+ days at a time. During the 14-15 season, (when Liverpool needed him the most, as they had no striker) The nearest Sturridge was to the pitch the entire season was either on the bench, in the stands watching, or in the physio room. On his day he can score goals, but injuries have affected him so much as he seems to have lost so much speed. Combine that with his laziness off the ball, it’s safe to say his days at Liverpool are almost over.

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Author: Kieran