Twitter Reacts to Barcelona Comeback

Football fans all over the world just witnessed one of the greatest matches in football history. The second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 matchup between FC Barcelona and PSG will forever live in the history books for the records it set. Without further ado, here are the best twitter reactions from the historic night:

To set the stage, PSG had thrashed Barcelona 4-0 at home in the opening leg. This led many people to already count Barcelona out, given that a comeback in the second leg would seem almost impossible. But even the believers acknowledged that it would take a miracle for their side to advance:

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But, after Luis Suarez grabbed a quick goal 3 minutes in, there seemed to be a slight sense of hope from the Barcelona fans:

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Iniesta then forced an own goal, and Messi knocked in a penalty after some questionable defending to add to the comeback hopes. With the aggregate scoreline suddenly down to just one goal, fans started to go mental:

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Right when Barcelona looked on their way to an equalizer, Edinson Cavani appeared to come to the rescue with an away goal. Fans clearly viewed this as the end for Barcelona, given that they now needed 3 goals in less than 30 minutes to advance:

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Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Barcelona made no attempt to hide that, as it seemed like every time they got into the box they dove:

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As we approached full time, Neymar scored a brilliant but seemingly meaningless free kick. But then, as you may have gathered from the tweets above, Barcelona was awarded a controversial penalty in the 90th minute, which led to Neymar’s second goal in a two-minute span, setting the stage for an ultimate ending:

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Then, the unthinkable happened. With virtually the last kick of the game, Sergi Roberto got the decisive touch on a brilliant ball in from Neymar to finish off the greatest comeback in Champions League history. The scenes.

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I am almost at a loss of words after watching this game. All I can really say is that this will be forever remembered in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Author: Nik

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