The End of Millwall’s Fairytale

Today League One underdogs Millwall took on Tottenham in the quarter finals of the FA cup. Coming of wins against Watford, Leicester, and other top flight clubs, Millwall was already in the giant-slaying mood. Their upset hopes, however, were put to bed by a Heung-min Son hat trick and overall great performance from Spurs. Although the scored ended up being a 6-0 blowout, there are many things to take away from this.


First of all we look at Tottenham. Although the blowout was only against a team that had not nearly the same quality of players, they still scored 6 times. To some this may not seem impressive but it truly is, as Millwall had been on fire in the FA cup. Tottenham are currently in 2nd place of the EPL and are having a great season. This fire has been showing not only in the EPL but the FA cup as well. I see them having a real chance at winning it this year, especially given that players have expressed their great fear of going trophieless, and this could be their last chance to get one given the steep hill they would have to climb to catch Chelsea. Another notable occurrence was Vincent Janssen netting his first goal from open play, which could be an encouraging sign given Harry Kane may miss time with an ankle injury.

Next is Millwall. Millwall blew everyone’s mind when they kept plugging through teams. Millwall was expected to be an easy win to most teams. Millwall have beat team along the lines of Leicester, Watford, Bournemouth, and many more. Although Millwall’s run has come to an end there is nothing for them to be ashamed about. They went against all the odds and ended up in the quarter finals. Just like fellow underdogs Lincoln City (who lost to Arsenal 5-0), their defeats can not take anything away from the magic they provided. This is why we love the FA cup. Not all the big time teams always make the last 8, and the giant-killings truly do prove to be spectacular.

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Author: Ben

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