Is Leicester’s Season Over?

I know what some of you might be saying after reading the title of this article, but just hear me out. As we all know Leicester went on a fairytale run last year to win the Premier League with Ranieri as manger. Which meant Leicester were in the Champions League this season. Leicester seemed to return to their 14-15 league form and were hanging on for dear life drifting as close as 1 point to the relegation zone, but Topping their Champions League group, manger Claudio Ranieri was sacked just hours after their 2-1 away loss to Sevilla in the round of 16. Which isn’t a bad result considering it was Leicester away at Sevilla.

But now, Craig Shakespeare has taken charge and he’ll be in charge for the rest of the season. 3-1 wins against Liverpool and Hull City followed quickly after Shakespeare’s arrival to the King Power Stadium and Leicester have managed to climb back up the Premier League table a bit. This may not seem bad until you realize that only 12 points separate 9th place stoke from 18th placed Hull, meaning the Foxes still could finish anywhere. I still believe Leicester will still get relegated and I think the Sevilla result will be Leicester’s season ender.

2 things can happen for Leicester’s season to derail:

1. They get knocked out

Since Leicester are playing some good football at the moment, and the team looks high in confidence, (as every team with a new manager does for a brief period). But a loss to Sevilla could deflate their confidence, especially if it’s a blowout at home. A loss could bring them back to their bad form. Also, Leicester could beat Sevilla and still not got through, if they win 3-2 or 4-3, or any other high scoring win by 1.

2. They manage to beat Sevilla and get through to the next round

(CC BY 2.0) by comcinco

If Leicester get through to the next round they will add another 2 midweek games to the schedule. With an already pretty slim squad Leicester would have to either sacrifice the Premier League or Champions League. And considering how hard it would be for a squad not to go all out to win the UCL once in the quarterfinals, I could easily see them slipping right back into the relegation zone.

In addition to their UCL fixture, Leicester face West Ham on the weekend, which could leave them anywhere from 14th to 18th. Regardless of what happens, this next week will foreshadow the rest of the season for Leicester City.

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Author: Kieran

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