The Pogba Crisis (Part 2)


As a United fan, hearing the news of Pogba coming got me really excited. What fan wouldn’t be? Your club just went out and made the most expensive purchase ever, and bought a young talent that was already impressing at the top level. From that point on, everyone thought that this would be a favorite to win the title and be one of the most impressive teams in recent memory. Wrong. 

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This year Pogba has been awful, just straight awful. He has only had a couple of games where he played decent at best. To me, he just isn’t worth the outrages price that he was bought for. He’s given the production of an under-average midfielder in the league, and seems way to obsessed and distracted by his brand. Just the other day against Chelsea there was a ball that both him and Costa went for. Half way to the ball, Pogba pulled out and just let Costa have the ball in United’s 18 yard box. Against Fc Rostov earlier today he decided to take on 2 players and try a miraculous shot which ended up going straight into the stands instead of playing the easy pass outside. A couple minutes later, he played a ball straight out of bounds instead of simply keeping possession. This is just two examples of Pogbas flaws.

Marketing Do's And Don'ts Infographic

Another thing is his style of play. Pogba is used to the Italian league, where the level is play is not nearly as good. There, Pogba could show off and really do what he wanted without hurting his team. In the EPL, he just slows down the game and loses the ball. He always makes more work for himself by dribbling instead of playing a simple pass. Another thing to talk about is his finishing. We all see the cracker goals he scored in the Italian league but where is it now? Pogba has done nothing really productive on the scoring charts and he has actually botched quite a few chances. In my mind Pogba is too caught up and fancy. His hair style and the way he acts just shows how he is too big for the club and too cocky.

The player United should have went after is Kante. He is far less cheap but far better, in addition to being a quiet player who isn’t caught up in all the drama, and won’t create a distraction. In the end, Pogba was bought for way to much and  so far has been a huge bust.

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Author: Ben

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