The Best “Football Boot XI’s”

As more and more years go by, soccer cleats/football boots are getting more and more advanced in terms of their tech specs. With so many different options to choose from, it can sometimes even be overwhelming for a player to pick one. Yet each professional player seems to have one line of cleats that’s their go-to – you won’t ever see them wearing anything else. In this article, I am going to rank the top 8 boots in the world, based on a fantasy-style “starting lineup” consisting of the best 11 players that wear that boot. The rules are simple: I can’t play players out of position (the only exceptions would be playing a versatile center back at left back, for example). So no, you will not be seeing Neymar in goal. Most of this information was taken from Football Boots DB.

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8. Puma evoPower


This boot has some high quality players down the center of the pitch, but the main issue I see is their wide positions. Christian Fuchs is really the only true wide player in this lineup – Meier, Dante, and Gabi were all versatile central players that I slotted out wide.

7. Nike Hypervenom


This boot is one of the best striking boots on the market. Unfortunately, that meant that the side was a little unbalanced. For formation’s sake, I had to leave players like Harry Kane and Gonzalo Higuain on the bench. As you may expect with such an attacking boot, this lineup poses some serious defensive liabilities.

6. Puma evoSPEED


Compared to the evoPOWER, the evoSPEED seems to have a much more complete squad. This group would be killer out on the wings, with Griezmann and Reus causing absolute nightmares for defenders, however, there just wasn’t enough depth with this boot. The fact that players like Falcao and Montreal were included in this shows that not enough high quality players wear this boot. Don’t get me wrong, those are both two very talented players, but just not ones I would have thought of when making this list.

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5. Nike Tiempo


This is undoubtedly the most defensively talented lineup on this list, and I don’t see how they could give up a single goal if playing together. However, with an aging Totti up top with an inconsistent Carrol, I also don’t see them scoring too much. The reason this boot is so low on the list is because there are just more complete squads from other boots. Other boots can also boast impressive defensives, and those lineups also feature some world-class attackers to balance out the side.

4. Adidas X


Thought of as one of the more attacking styled boots on the market, it was actually surprising to see some defensive minded players like Kante opt for it. Now that we are in the top half of this list, we are really starting to see consistent squads with no weak links at all. The only player I am slightly unsure about it Debuchy at CB, which is why the X is only number 4.

3. Nike Magista


Into the top 3 we go. The Nike Magista sees a very impressive defense, made up entirely of Premier League players. In fact, only 2 players on this list are not from the EPL. As for the midfield, Arturo Vidal is an absolute rock, while Iniesta, Eriksen, and De Bruyne should create chances at will. However, the problem I see with this lineup is Clyne. In a wingback system, the fullbacks have to be skilled going forward, and I just don’t see that sort of quality from Clyne. Combined with Callum Wilson’s inconsistency up front, that is the only reason the Magista isn’t in the top 2.

2. Adidas Ace


The Ace is very similar to the Nike Magista in terms of the brand’s marketing efforts, and the results are actually very similar as well. We see a very solid back line, complimented by a skillful midfield. However, I think the Ace has the advantage of the Magista in both areas. Dele Alli, Pogba, and Ozil will all compliment each other very nicely, and literally boss the midfield. I’m not seeing much inconsistency here, however I am seeing a front 3 that is just lacking a superstar player.

1. Nike Mercurial


The Nike Mercurial comes in at #1 on the list simply because of the quality players that wear it at every position. Anthony Lopes is probably the only spot that could be upgraded, but even then he is still a very solid option. The back 4 is incredibly gifted, and the front 6 probably features 2 of the best 3 players in the world (Neymar and CR7). Lukaku is just a complete striker, and Eden Hazard is looking like one of the best players in the EPL. As for the center midfield, Coutinho provides the flair, while Modric is probably one of the most underrated players in the world.

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