Sissoko the Flop

Where do I even start with Moussa Sissoko? The player who seems to be called “a new man” before and after every season is yet again out of form. After a yet another end of the season rejuvenation at Euros 2016, Sissoko was wanted by many teams in the Premier League, especially Everton and Tottenham.

After being destined to join Everton on deadline day, he wound up going to Tottenham in a deal worth up to £30 million. Which clearly shows Spurs saw potential in the 27 year old.

Moussa Sissoko has failed to score in any his 28 appearances this season and has only racked up 2 assists. And after coming on vs Burnley at the weekend, Sissoko was described as greedy by many Spurs fans often shooting when he shouldn’t have or just simply bit hitting the target.

The thing about Sissoko is I think he might feel competitions like The Euros or The World Cup are bigger than club football in general. And the second Sissoko realizes this, or finds a manager who can convince him to, he can become such a good player. To go on talking about Sissoko maybe feeling France duty is more important than club duty, he can’t play for his country if he doesn’t do well at club level. Especially with players like Ousmane Dembélé and Kylian Mbappé threatening his place in the squad.

We all know Sissoko has potential, even though he is 27 and that is still considered his “prime” I think the best move for him at this point is to cut his losses and leave. One of the main reasons I think Sissoko hasn’t returned to his Euro 2016 form, is due to the fact that Pochettino isn’t the type of manager to whip him back into shape. I don’t want to go on a separate rant or anything, and don’t get me wrong Pochettino is a great manager, but he doesn’t posses the type of craziness/charisma that other managers like Klopp or Conte have. If I were to choose any destination in the world for Sissoko to move, it would be Sevilla (if Sampaoli stays there in the summer). Jorge Sampaoli and Sevilla is the perfect place for Sissoko. He has a manager who can hopefully return him to form and would be at a club that currently plays in European competition consistently.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Kieran

Image by KamHeadley (Creative Commons)

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