Can Sunderland Get Any Worse?

Sunderland are as good as relegated.

At this point in the season, Sunderland have a giant mountain to climb. In 20th place and 9 points behind 17th placed Hull with one game in hand, Sunderland realistically need to win 4 of their last 6 games of the season to have any fighting chance at survival.

At the beginning if the season, I was absolutely shocked at the amount of people that had Sunderland surviving due to the fact they always seem to escape relegation and David Moyes was appointed as their new manager. Yes, that’s correct- their reason was that David Bloody Moyes was manager. It’s the same David Moyes that took a Manchester United team who won the league the season before and finished 7th with them, and the same David Moyes that drove Real Sociedad into the ground during his stint at Spain. Personally, I had Sunderland bottom of the league the second I heard Moyes was appointed. His tactics are best described as dead and useless. Here are some other reasons why Sunderland are definitely going down.

Jermaine Defoe can’t carry the team

Jermaine Defoe is at the ripe age of 34, and he is simply too old to be relied on as one of the only players that can put the ball in the back of the net. Sunderland have Fabio Borini (who scored a 90′ minute equalizer vs West Ham this weekend), but he just isn’t a lethal prolific striker option. He can often be seen missing chance after chance and shows the reason he was sold in the first place by his previous employer, Liverpool.

Sunderland lack quality players

Besides Pickford, Defoe, and maybe Khazri, Who can you name in the Sunderland team that plays week in, week out? The Black Cats have a very thin squad and this is another big reason why Sunderland are relegated.

Duncan Watmore’s injury

This may seem odd to some of you and some of you may not even know who Watmore is. Duncan Watmore is a talented youngster with some serious quality and potential. He was playing so good and even managed to nail down a starting position in the Sunderland team. His injury, however, thinned their already weak attacking options even more. If Sunderland are to do well in The Championship next year, I’m telling you- Watmore is going to be a big part of it.

Sunderland have the worst home record in the Premier League, a big reason for them sitting in 20th. (CC BY 2.0) by Rach

Lastly, I don’t think Sunderland will get back to the Premier League for a long time. Mainly for all the reasons I mentioned except for Moyes and the Watmore injury. Watmore will hopefully be back and Moyes will definitely be sacked. Pickford probably should have one foot out the door already, because he is just too good for the Championship. With big clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool hunting for a goalkeeper in the summer, Pickford could already be in talks with some big Premier League teams.

A relegation could leave the club with some big decisions to make – not only in transfers, but also in management and directors.

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Author: Kieran

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