Wenger In or Wenger Out? – The Final Take

Wenger in or Wenger out? It’s a question many people have been asking over the last few seasons, with Arsenal not reaching the levels it once did with their long-time French manager. Let’s lay out the facts first: Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal Football Club since 1996. Since 1996! It’s been twenty years since he became the boss, and without a doubt, is one of the greatest managers Arsenal and the Premier League have seen in the modern era. He’s won the Premier League three times, and the FA cup six times. In 2003-2004, he led the Gunners to a season in which they won the league without losing a single league game. The signings he’s made since arriving is incredible. Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, just to name a few. If you’ve been living under a cave for the past two decades, you might be saying, what’s wrong with him? What kind of ignorant fans want a manager who’s brought them immense silverware and transformed the club as a whole, thrown out the window? Well, the Wenger out supporters have a point in saying so.

I believe that Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal. In the last few seasons, it has become evident that his time has come to an end, and a new manager is needed to bring Arsenal to the next level. Sure, a second place finish last season and a third place finish the year before isn’t something to lower your head about. But for a club with the talent that Arsenal possess, it lacks the little bit extra that fans demand. To compare it, it’s like Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Everton. Is Everton a bad football club? Not by any stretch of the imagination. They’re a respectable club with consistent European-football finishes in the past seasons, and may be on track to another Europa League finish. But are they a club that will fulfill the ambitions of a player like Ronaldo? Not likely. It’s like if Ronaldo was the players of Arsenal- Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Bellerin, and so forth- who all are good players, but whose full potential is still yet to be seen. Wenger is comparable to Everton- good, but not quite good enough to support the full talent of Ronaldo(Arsenal’s players).

Arsenal need a passionate, emotional manager that can rally up the passion in Arsenal players who have seemed to lack the motivation in recent weeks. Antonio Conte is an example from Chelsea- always standing on the sideline, studying, yelling, arms flailing with the game. So is Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham. Always on the sidelines, moving with the flow of the game and giving players directions. Both have been on incredible runs since their managers have arrived. Wenger, on the other hand, can mostly be seen sitting with his signature long padded jacket. He always seems deep in thought, rarely uttering a word. His body language is enough to give Arsenal players a complacency about the way they are playing.

Another reason is the transfer policy that Wenger has installed. It is well-known that Wenger has a knack for developing talented youngsters, like Fabregas, Bellerin or Toure in his time at Arsenal. However, the lack of significant signings in recent windows has stirred anger amongst Arsenal fans. Since the signing of playmaker Mesut Ozil in 2013 and Alexis Sanchez in 2014, not many signings have worked out for Wenger. Lucas Perez has not been picked consistently despite arriving for 20 million pounds, and 45 million pound signing Granit Xhaka has been a disappointment with his poor disciplinary record this season. Wenger’s inability to sign the elusive ‘proven goalscorer’ only adds to criticism from critics. With his future at the club so much in doubt, it’s not likely that a world-class player would want to commit his future to Arsenal. A fresh new manager, and a fresh new start may be what Arsenal needs to bring in new talented signings.

However, that does not mean I am in support of all the so-called ‘Wenger Out’ protests happening across the world. There are reasonable and proper ways to get your point across, but displaying a sign saying ‘Wenger Out’ with two plastic puppies at a Bournemouth training session or at Wrestlemania is not one of them. The voice of true Arsenal fans wanting a new manager is gone and has faded away to become a gimmick, a joke of sorts by anyone who wants social media attention. In fact, the matter is a real and serious issue- if Arsenal want to take another step forward at once again being a world-class club who can compete with the best in the world, Wenger is not the way to go. A new manager is needed, and Wenger should go out.

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Author: Kevin

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