Rashford on the Rise Again

Recently Marcus Rashford of Manchester United has been putting on a show. With Ibrahimovic out hes the man everyone has turned to. And what has happened? He has produced. With Ibrahimovic down many fans got scared of what they would do without there main scorer. And what happened? Rashford.

After a stunning debut season last year, many United fans were surprised to see Ashford getting little playing time this season. However, as the season’s worn on, Mourinho has started giving the youngster more and more minutes. Rashford has started to look like the form he was in last year… except better. He’s more mature now and he reads the game better. He knows when to hold it up or when to attack the defense. He really has turned into a nice player and from what it looks like he will only get better.

Today he scored against Celtic Vigo with a cracker of a free kick. He also had a curler that the keeper just got his fingers on. Also to add to his game performance is he set up Lingard for a great chance (maybe even the best of the game for United). With all this upside for United with all its young stars, who knows what could happen? And what would the addition of Greizmann mean for his playing time?

Today, Rashford took a knock. At about the 80th minute Rashford was shielding the ball out of bounds. Right when it went out he reached down and took hold of his knee. He slowly limped of the field as he was replaced. It didn’t look to serious but let’s hope he will be ready for the next game as I can not wait to see what he show us next.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Ben

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