Why this year’s Top 4 Race is Shaping up to be a Historic One


The three teams battling for 2 Champions League places are Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Some of you may be thinking “but aren’t Manchester City basically safe?”
Not yet. There are are 3 possible scenarios in which these Champions League places  could be decided by a one or two game playoff on neutral grounds. Here’s how the table looks right now:
Manchester City

Manchester City’s Doomsday:

The first scenario and probably the most unlikely is Liverpool win their game vs Middlesbrough, Manchester City lose by 4 goals at Vicarage Road to Watford, and Arsenal beat Everton by 1 goal. This would mean Liverpool take the third and last automatic Champions League spot, while Manchester City and Arsenal would have to have a playoff for fourth place, which means the winner would go into the playoff rounds of Champions League qualification.

Manchester City-2
Arsenal and City would also be level on goals scored, of course


If Arsenal were to beat Everton by 2 and City are thumped by 4, City will not qualify.

If Liverpool were to lose and the other results go this way then Liverpool would not have Champions League.

One of the more likely scenarios is that Liverpool and Manchester City finish joint third. For this to happen Manchester City and Watford would have to produce a high-scoring draw while Liverpool would have to thump Boro by 3 goals. (A 4-4 draw for City and 4-1 win for Liverpool would do it). This playoff would be for an automatic place in the Champions League and the Loser would have go to the qualification playoffs. This means Arsenal would not qualify for Champions League.

Manchester City-3.jpg

Lastly we have the most likely scenario to happen this weekend. Arsenal and Liverpool finish joint fourth. For this to happen Liverpool would have to lose by 2 goals at home to Middlesborough and Arsenal would have to produce a draw with Everton. This would mean they would play for 4th place.

Manchester City-4A lot of this is nonsense though. If Liverpool don’t beat Middlesbrough at home then they don’t deserve Champions League and if they win they qualify. If Arsenal fail to beat Everton they will unlikely qualify. And for City not to qualify, they would have to lose by 4 goals, something that I don’t think will happen.

My prediction is Liverpool and City both qualify. But now that I say this don’t be surprised when Liverpool lose.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Kieran

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