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Possible Technologies to Aid Referees

There are 22 players on the field during a football match. Eleven on one side, and eleven on the other. However, there are 25 people who are involved in the match- the other three are referees, who are constantly criticized over the course of the game, regardless of what call they make. In the international friendly between France and Spain, a new revolutionary piece of technology to greatly strengthen the credibility of the referees’ decisions was introduced. A Video Assistant Referee(VAR) was put into effect, meaning decisions on the field would be replayed on a video by an assistant referee. The final decision ultimately came from the head referee, but call could be overturned with the introduction of this new technology. This proved to be quite useful in the friendly today, with two crucial decisions being overturned- a goal by Antoine Griezmann was overturned after a headed ball was deemed offside, and Gerardo Deulofeu’s goal was called offside before counting as a goal after the replay. The match ended 2-0 to Spain.

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The Best Chants in British Football

Football fans have a reputation for being extremely devoted to the game. Even when it’s not a rivalry game, fans hold back no emotions. Sometimes that’s shown in violent manners, from getting into fights to throwing things at players. However, sometimes it is displayed through collective chants, where all the fans sing a song in unison. It can be both beautiful and hilarious at times. Here are our top chants in British Football:

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Best Players 32 and Older

Form is temporary, class is permanent. An often-spoken phrase, consistency is what we always use when distinguishing legends of the game from simply quality players. As a new generation of footballers is beginning to emerge into starting XI’s, let’s take a look at some of the greatest players in the world that continue to hold their world-class status despite their high age. We are going to create a collaborated best XI, and then we will each choose one player to focus on. Continue reading Best Players 32 and Older

RECAP: EA’s Ratings Refresh in FIFA 17

Last week EA announced they would be adding to the ratings refresh to this year’s FIFA 17. This means they will be upgrading the FIFA Ultimate Team cards of players, and also downgrading them for the first time. With all the players they have to upgrade and downgrade surely they have to miss some, right? Let’s take a look at the hits and misses of FIFA 17’s EPL Ratings Refresh.

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The Best U-21 Players in the World

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robin Van Persie, and so many more – what do all of these players have in common? Each of them made a name for themselves early on in their career, scoring at least 15 league goals before turning 21. Last season, the football world saw the beginning of the emergence of the new era of “wonderkids”, or incredibly talented teenagers. This year, an abundance of new players have been added to that list. With so many incredible talents under the age of 21, it can be so hard to really figure out which players have the highest ceilings. In this article, we are going to take a look at our Wonderkid XI, and give you one player each that we feel can be a future Ballon d’Or winner. Continue reading The Best U-21 Players in the World

8 Ways to Fix the MLS

America’s attempts to create a soccer league that can compete with Europe’s have been good in intention, but not so good in results. Don’t get me wrong; the MLS is getting better, but there’s still a long way to go. And while I think some of their unique characteristics are actually ahead of the pack (such as their all-star weekend), I still think there are many aspects that can be tweaked. Here are the 8 steps the MLS should take in order to create a dynamic soccer league. Continue reading 8 Ways to Fix the MLS

Should the EPL Adopt an All-Star Weekend?

Imagine the creative likes of Dele Alli, Phillipe Coutinho, Eden Hazard and more all playing on the same team. Now imagine finally getting an answer to long-debated questions such as “Who is the best passer in the league” and “Who’s got the most powerful shot”. That’s what a potential EPL All-Star Weekend would bring to the table – in addition to the extra TV cash it would bring to the league. This weekend would presumably be following the conclusion of the season (a gameweek 39, if you will). Continue reading Should the EPL Adopt an All-Star Weekend?

FIFA 17 TOTS Battle

Since we published our EPL team of the season predictions, there has been a lot of talk about who has the best one. This led me to decide to conduct an experiment in FIFA 17. Each members’ TOTS would play Real Madrid away at the Bernabeu against the same lineup, with no substitutions allowed. I didn’t play any of the games, opting to let the computers play each other. Since Premier League managers are included in FIFA, I transferred each player that was needed to Chelsea first for Conte, then Spurs for Pochettino, and then to Liverpool for Klopp, to make the simulation more accurate. It was time for us to find out what FIFA has to say about who has the best TOTS.

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