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The Best “Football Boot XI’s”

As more and more years go by, soccer cleats/football boots are getting more and more advanced in terms of their tech specs. With so many different options to choose from, it can sometimes even be overwhelming for a player to pick one. Yet each professional player seems to have one line of cleats that’s their go-to – you won’t ever see them wearing anything else. In this article, I am going to rank the top 8 boots in the world, based on a fantasy-style “starting lineup” consisting of the best 11 players that wear that boot. The rules are simple: I can’t play players out of position (the only exceptions would be playing a versatile center back at left back, for example). So no, you will not be seeing Neymar in goal. Most of this information was taken fromĀ Football Boots DB.

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8. Puma evoPower


This boot has some high quality players down the center of the pitch, but the main issue I see is their wide positions. Christian Fuchs is really the only true wide player in this lineup – Meier, Dante, and Gabi were all versatile central players that I slotted out wide. Continue reading The Best “Football Boot XI’s”

Top 5 Most Injury Plagued Players (EPL)

With all the stars that the Premier League features, from Eden Hazard to Harry Kane, one can only imagine how many more there would be if not for the career stealer that is injury. When sidelined for months at a time with injuries, not only do players lose their fitness, but they also miss out on valuable time to improve. And, while they are recovering, they may even lose their starting spot to a backup that steps up and out-performs them. Here now, we are going to take a look at the EPL’s 5 most injury plagued players. Continue reading Top 5 Most Injury Plagued Players (EPL)

Top 20 Rivalries in World Football

The most captivating events in any sport are undoubtedly the rivalry games. The fans are fully of energy, the atmosphere is intense, and there is no shortage of competitive spirit. With so many clubs in the world, we decided to really dig deep into which rivalries are the best. There are obviously those in Europe’s top 5 leagues, but there are also so many in smaller leagues throughout the world. Here are our top 20 rivalries in world football.
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The 5 Most Entertaining EPL Matches this Season

The 2016-2017 Premier League season has been a reliable source of entertainment for fans. Aside from the occasional dull game, there has been no shortage of attacking firepower and individual flair. It was very difficult for me to narrow the list of 250 matches played this season down to just 5, and there were many that were very close but just didn’t make the cut. Here now are my top 5 most entertaining matches this season.

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The Outcasts of the Top 6

This season, as I’ve said countless times, the top 6 teams in the EPL have looked a league above every other English team. The success of these teams has been a result of a variety of differing factors. For example, Manchester United have built their success on rotating squads and great depth, while Spurs have had a strong first team that seldom sees changes. Liverpool have built their season on high-powered attack, while Chelsea have focused on a neat and organized defense. But there is one thing these clubs have in common: their success has each come at the cost of a couple of high-quality players. We take a look at some of the promising players that just haven’t found a way to crack into their respective lineups regularly.

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Most Underrated EPL Transfers

The summer 2016 transfer window was dominated by big clubs making big signings, including Paul Pogba’s record-breaking move to Manchester United, John Stones’s move to Manchester City, and N’golo Kante’s moveĀ to Chelsea. And while these transfers were the major talking points of the summer, there were also many under-the-radar deals completed. In this article, we are going to take a look at the premier league’s most underrated signings. Continue reading Most Underrated EPL Transfers