How would Celtic fare in the Premier League?

Let’s face it, Celtic have turned The Scottish Premier League to the Celtic Premier League. This is their 6th consecutive season winning the league. They are currently 24 points clear of second places Aberdeen, unbeaten in the league, and are going for the treble this season. (I’m gonna make a bold prediction and say Celtic are going to complete the treble). With this dominance, I’m going to make a bold proposition: Celtic should join the Premier League, and here’s why:

Increased competition in Scottish Football

If Celtic were to leave the SPL and head to go the Prem, we would see a league that wouldn’t be finished by mid-April. More teams would battle for the title and could add more excitement and could get the league more attention.

If Celtic do well in the league, Scottish Football could also get a higher reputation. Imagine if in Celtic’s first season in the Premier League they finish top 10. I believe many Premier League fans and followers would go “wow, we really underestimated them.” Not only would they think they underestimated Celtic, but the SPL itself. This could increase popularity in the league.

Many of you reading this right now may be thinking “wait a second, Celtic definitely do not have a good enough squad to compete in the Premier League.” Well I’ll agree with you there but there is a logical explanation why. Last season when Celtic won the league they were awarded 3 million pound. When Middlesbrough were promoted from the Championship last season, they earned 112 million pounds. That’s a huge difference, if Celtic were to enter the Prem or even the Championship, their funds and club worth would skyrocket. Along with Celtic earning a lot of funds for joining the league setup, new owners would probably want to buy the club because their value would skyrocket. This could help increase their funds even more and help them become maybe even powerhouses in The Prem. They’d be able to bring in lots of good players and establish themselves as a mainstay in The Premier League.

Here’s how Celtic could join the English League setup:

Personally, I don’t was think Celtic should go straight to the Premier League if they were to join the English League setup. The Premier setup be messed up if Celtic went straight to the Prem (21 teams which I wouldn’t like or removing a team unjustly which is also bad). I think Celtic could start in The Championship maybe as a 25th team. Yes this would increase the length of their season, but that means the Premier League would end before The Championship and those football hungry fans who struggle going through 3 months without the Premier League would definitely tune into the Championship final games of the season, and of course the Playoffs.

How would Celtic do if all of this were to happen?

I think Celtic would win The Championship in their first season with no problem at all. With the funds Celtic could gain just in the Championship, I think they would use their funds wisely and increase their squad in numbers and in quality. Establishing themselves as a Premier League mainstay like Stoke City and could even become a team like Everton and knock on the doors of the top 6. Maybe one day Celtic could even break into the top 4. Brendan Rodgers even came out and said Celtic would be a top 6 club in the Prem. Celtic fans definitely agree with him there.

And if The FA doesn’t want to take a major risk and put them in any English Leagues right away, they could experiment and have teams like Aberdeen, Rangers, and of course Celtic compete in the FA and EFL cups just to see where they place in relation to English clubs.

I think The FA should definitely give Celtic a chance.

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Author: Kieran

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