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FIFA Out to get Messi?

Recently Messi has been in the headlines over some controversie that happened over the international break. Clearly frustrated with the game, he got into a bit of an argument and had some choice words with the referee. And guess what that little outburst resulted in . . . a ban 4 matches.

Now whats wrong with that? Refs should be shown respect right? Yes that is 100% true, however, a 4 game match ban seems very harsh. Did FIFA truly believe they were making the correct call? Or is it because FIFA might be after him. Now this is not a full blown conspiracy theory – there could very well be a lot of truth to this. Now what could they have against Messi, arguably the best player in the world?

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Should the EPL Adopt an All-Star Weekend?

Imagine the creative likes of Dele Alli, Phillipe Coutinho, Eden Hazard and more all playing on the same team. Now imagine finally getting an answer to long-debated questions such as “Who is the best passer in the league” and “Who’s got the most powerful shot”. That’s what a potential EPL All-Star Weekend would bring to the table – in addition to the extra TV cash it would bring to the league. This weekend would presumably be following the conclusion of the season (a gameweek 39, if you will). Continue reading Should the EPL Adopt an All-Star Weekend?