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MLS Cup Predictions

The 2017 MLS season kicked off last night, as the Portland Timbers welcomed expansion team Minnesota United to the league by thrashing them 5-1. The MLS is one of the most unique leagues in the world, as not many others feature a playoff system to decide a champion rather than just having the season decide it. This has drawn criticism from many, but still, a lot of fans admire it. Last season, the Seattle Sounders emerged victorious of the MLS Cup after defeating Toronto FC in the final. Can they repeat as champions? Here are our picks for the MLS Cup Champions: Continue reading MLS Cup Predictions

8 Ways to Fix the MLS

America’s attempts to create a soccer league that can compete with Europe’s have been good in intention, but not so good in results. Don’t get me wrong; the MLS is getting better, but there’s still a long way to go. And while I think some of their unique characteristics are actually ahead of the pack (such as their all-star weekend), I still think there are many aspects that can be tweaked. Here are the 8 steps the MLS should take in order to create a dynamic soccer league. Continue reading 8 Ways to Fix the MLS