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Possible Technologies to Aid Referees

There are 22 players on the field during a football match. Eleven on one side, and eleven on the other. However, there are 25 people who are involved in the match- the other three are referees, who are constantly criticized over the course of the game, regardless of what call they make. In the international friendly between France and Spain, a new revolutionary piece of technology to greatly strengthen the credibility of the referees’ decisions was introduced. A Video Assistant Referee(VAR) was put into effect, meaning decisions on the field would be replayed on a video by an assistant referee. The final decision ultimately came from the head referee, but call could be overturned with the introduction of this new technology. This proved to be quite useful in the friendly today, with two crucial decisions being overturned- a goal by Antoine Griezmann was overturned after a headed ball was deemed offside, and Gerardo Deulofeu’s goal was called offside before counting as a goal after the replay. The match ended 2-0 to Spain.

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