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The Best “Football Boot XI’s”

As more and more years go by, soccer cleats/football boots are getting more and more advanced in terms of their tech specs. With so many different options to choose from, it can sometimes even be overwhelming for a player to pick one. Yet each professional player seems to have one line of cleats that’s their go-to – you won’t ever see them wearing anything else. In this article, I am going to rank the top 8 boots in the world, based on a fantasy-style “starting lineup” consisting of the best 11 players that wear that boot. The rules are simple: I can’t play players out of position (the only exceptions would be playing a versatile center back at left back, for example). So no, you will not be seeing Neymar in goal. Most of this information was taken fromĀ Football Boots DB.

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8. Puma evoPower


This boot has some high quality players down the center of the pitch, but the main issue I see is their wide positions. Christian Fuchs is really the only true wide player in this lineup – Meier, Dante, and Gabi were all versatile central players that I slotted out wide. Continue reading The Best “Football Boot XI’s”